Featured Authors

Dr. David Philips

, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dr. David Phillips has been involved with cleanrooms and biological safety cabinets (BSCs) for over 35 years. He worked with a nationwide contamination control service company in a variety of roles in...

John Hogan

, TraceLink
Senior Vice President of Engineering John Hogan leads product design, development, and testing of TraceLink products and solutions, ensuring the seamless processing and tracking of high-volume, highly...

Sara Griffiths

, Sygnature Discovery
Sara uses high resolution accurate mass liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)for metabolite profiling, metabolite identification and reactive metabolite screening. Current int...

Daniel Weston

, Sygnature Discovery
Dan is primarily responsible for leading the Biotransformation and Metabolite Identification Team at Sygnature Discovery. Previously, he worked for Schering-Plough in the US, providing biotransformati...

Simon Cubbon

, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Simon was introduced to ‘hands-on’ analytical chemistry whilst working in the Netherlands for a healthcare, coatings and chemicals company – this is where his passion for all things analytical w...

Kelly Broster

, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Kelly, a former cancer research scientist, is now focused on biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical applications. Kelly has enjoyed spending most of her career, thus far, utilizing the power of mass spe...


, Waters Corporation
NikunjTanna is a senior scientist in the scientific operations group at Waters Corporation. His focus is on complete workflow solutions for quantitation of small and large molecules using tandem quadr...

Dr. Jon Lenn

, MedPharm Ltd
Dr. Jon Lenn has direct responsibility for MedPharm’s operations in the United States based out of Durham, North Carolina. Since joining in 2015 he has led MedPharm’s development of cutting edge p...

Dr. Claus Feussner

, Vetter Pharma
Dr. Claus Feussner, Senior Vice President in Vetter Development Service...

Dr. Javier Camargo

, Omya International AG
Javier Camargo is PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology and has 17 years of experience working in drug product and business development....