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Company: 4D Lifetec

Giancarlo owns a PhD in natural sciences and a MBA with a thesis focus on Roadmap to IPO, boasts nearly 25 years of global management experience in globally leading healthcare companies. With leadership and board expertise spanning science to sales, he transitioned 2014 to a boutique family office in Switzerland. As an investor and initial co-CEO at 4D Lifetec AG, Giancarlo has contributed to its growth from the first day on. In January 2023, he assumed the CEO role, aiming to propel the company towards commercialization and an IPO in the US. He is actively leading 4D Lifetec from its locations in Cham, Solothurn (both in Switzerland) and Boston (US).

Company:4D Lifetec

4D Lifetec is a pioneer in early cancer detection, with a mission to empower individuals through proactive well-being protection. Their immunological high throughput liquid biopsy assays can detect cancer at its earliest stages, allowing for timely intervention and treatment. This early detection significantly increases the chances of successful treatment and improved patient outcomes. For more information  

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