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Cem Zorlular is CEO of Er-Kim, a local partner and advisor to leading biopharmaceutical companies commercializing new treatments in international markets. A third-generation representative of Er-Kim, Cem aims to grow the company into a key strategic partner for small and medium-sized biotechs, while delivering strong financial results and ensuring treatment accessibility to patients. Before taking on the role of CEO in 2019, he held roles at IMS Consulting Group, where he focused on epidemiology studies and launch strategies for biopharma companies in non-US and European markets, and at Palantir Technologies, where he expanded the company’s footprint across MENA and APAC.


Established in 1981, Er-Kim stands at the forefront of biopharmaceutical innovation, partnering with over 40 global leaders to revolutionize patient care in key international markets. Our pioneering business models, tailored for sustainability and flexibility, have positioned us as a full-service solution, extending our reach to over 600 million patients through our fully-owned affiliates. With a dedicated team of over 280 professionals worldwide and revenues exceeding EUR 150M, Er-Kim is not just a partner but a trailblazer in healthcare, continually setting new standards in commercialization and patient access.

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