German CDMO Acquired By London Team Of Great Point Partners

On a mission so as to debut the life sciences companies on an international stage, Great Point Partners, the healthcare investment firm, is making a play in terms of a private German contract development and manufacturing organization, Lyocontract.

Great Point on June 13 went on to reveal that it has gone ahead and acquired Ilsenburg, which is Germany’s Lyocontract, which apparently has been into drug development as well as production business since 207.

It is well to be noted that Lyocontract happens to function out of a single facility that goes on to give out aseptic liquid filling, freeze-drying as well as packaging services. The company specialises in the liquid and freeze-dried injectable drugs manufacturing that happen to be shipped across the world in terms of both commercial as well as clinical use.

Lyocontract’s production plant, which happens to cater to customers across Germany and even beyond was built between 2010 and 2011 and went on to receive the manufacturing license in 2012, as per the website of the company.

Significantly, Lyomark Pharma went on to become the majority stakeholder in Lyocontract in August 2017, with both companies being privately held and would continue to be managed in an independent way. Notably, this acquisition deal marks the first investment to be sourced as well as implemented by the London-based European team of Great Point, which looks forward to helping growing healthcare companies go ahead and establish an international presence and also enter the US market.

Great Point’s senior vice president, David Slattery, remarked in a statement that Lyocontract happens to have a very strong track record of offering highly specialized as well as critically significant manufacturing services to pharmaceutical companies, thereby getting a very powerful mix of experience, expertise, and tech capacities across all of its partnerships. He adds that this investment highlights GPPs bent on backing some really exceptional as well as proven management teams within businesses that have a competitive edge.

With this buyout, Lyocontract as well as Great Point look forward to scaling up the CDMO contract manufacturing capacities as well as distribution reach, said Tino Galgon, the CEO of Lyocontract.

As a matter of fact, Great Point has gone on to make numerous contract manufacturing investments in the years which have gone by. In the first half of 2022, the group went on to pay an undisclosed amount so as to pick a Performance Cell Manufacturing CDMO based in San Diego. As part of this deal, Performance Cell went ahead and rebranded itself to Cellipoint Bioservices and at the same time announced a range of changes within its leadership.

Before that, Great Point went on to invest $22 million in Bionova in 2019, to be exact, with the cash being used to fund the CDMO construction of a 36,000 sq.ft. biologics plant based in California’s Fremont.