The Cell Therapy Production Automation Is On The Cards Now

In a recent move, Multiply Labs and Thermo Fisher Scientific have gone ahead and inked a deal in order to expand their partnership and further automate cell therapy production procedures.

This will lead to the two companies integrating by way of Multiply Lab’s robotic technology and Thermo Fisher’s cell therapy instruments in order to fully automate the production of the advanced therapies.

It is worth noting that the financial terms pertaining to the partnership have not been disclosed yet. Thermo Fisher, along with Charles River Labs, first inked with Multiply Labs in 2022 so as to automate cell therapy production.

Thermo Fisher’s senior director of research and development, Xavier De Mollerat Du Jeu, opined that with so many groundbreaking cell therapies that happen to be available or that are forthcoming for patients, they cannot really afford to let manual processes decrease scalability and stand in way as far as access is concerned. He went on to further say that not do they happen to be taking their incubator partnership to yet another level so as to deliver a fully automated GMP product, they are at the same time engineering automation of their latest-generation closed system centrifuge, which happens to be an essential instrument as far as cell therapy manufacturing is concerned.

It is well to be noted that the pairing is all set to increase throughput and, at the same time, reduce labor costs, as the processes can be performed by way of a single manufacturing operator. In a typical scenario, traditional manufacturing needs between four to eight operators.

Furthermore, the end-to-end automated workflow can go on to significantly reduce the amount of manufacturing space which is required so as to produce the cell therapies.

Other major manufacturing steps, which go on to include upstream as well as downstream cell processing, can also be conducted automatically, as per the companies.