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Automation in its broadest sense has expanded from its original industrial manufacturing base to laboratories and businesses.

Today, the chief purpose of primary packaging is product protection. However this performance capability has become more challenging in recent years as the complexity of active pharmaceuticals and their supply chain increases.

Regenerative and cell-based therapies have only recently begun to deliver on the promise they have portended for years, creating opportunities to positively impact patient outcomes and professional success.

Managing site payments is not an easy task. They are frustrating, burdensome and a drain of time and resources. CROs, specifically project managers, are often tasked by their sponsor partners to manage the site payment process and consequently are deemed at fault for any issues that arise, such as late or inaccurate payments.

The problem defined: Any prospective new drug must successfully pass a succession of three clinical trials phases, before it can apply for market approval.

The QCS EV 100 litre top loading autoclave is among the most space-efficient sterilisers available and will appeal to lab managers for their superior loading capability.

1. In an environment where trial data is made available through peer reviewed articles how effective is clinical trial disclosure maturity assessment with increased risk, complexity and costs to assess global disclosure processes?

What are the current problems or challenges faced in clinical trial payments process?
There are countless challenges around clinical trial payments, but they can be best categorized into two core themes – the increasing administrative burdens around processing and reconciling payments as well as the lack of transparency and visibility into financial transactions.

The market demand for integrated delivery systems which combine an injectable drug, its container and the system used to administer it continues to grow due, in large part, to the popularity of self-administered therapies for rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and other chronic conditions.

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