PBOA Members Support Efforts Against COVID-19

The Pharma & Biopharma Outsourcing Association (PBOA), a trade group that represents Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) and other service providers in the bio/pharmaceutical sector, reports that many of its member companies are actively involved in helping their clients develop and produce treatments, vaccines, and diagnostics for COVID-19. PBOA’s members provide a wide array of services throughout the bio/pharma sector.

Gil Roth, PBOA’s president, commented, “Our members are working with companies, governments and academic institutions that are rushing to combat this global pandemic. PBOA members provide critical services throughout drug development and manufacturing supply chain, and these companies are playing a key role in the battle against COVID-19. In addition, some provide components and services for diagnostics.”

A spokesman for one PBOA member company remarked, “We work with urgency, knowing it could be our parents, or even ourselves that could need these treatments, vaccines and diagnostics any time.”

Mike Shafer, Senior Vice President and President, Thermo Fisher Scientific Pharma Services, remarked, “To meet the global demand for readily available novel coronavirus (COVID-19) detection and prevention technologies, Thermo Fisher Scientific has mobilized its scientific and commercial teams to support virus identification, rapid vaccine development and the deployment of personal protective equipment. During the duration of this crisis, we are focused on meeting the needs of our employees and customers, including those who are working to contain and reduce the impact of the virus.”

Mr. Shafer added, “Our Pharma Services business has taken steps internally to ensure critical services can be maintained and keep our sites open and operating. We’re committed to continuing to support our customers’ work.”

Kay Schmidt, SVP, Technical Operations at Catalent Pharma Solutions, and the leader of the company’s COVID-19 executive response team, said, “Catalent is actively working with multiple customers on COVID-19 related antivirals, vaccines, and treatments for symptoms and effects of the disease and we are mobilizing our capabilities to help deliver the most aggressive timelines. All operating facilities remain open and continue to deliver for our customers and their patients. We have robust response plans in place at all our sites as well as with our partners and suppliers.”

Mr. Roth added, “I want to note that our Affiliate Members — companies that provide goods or services to CDMOs — are also engaged in critical work related to COVID-19, and PBOA commends their efforts.”

About the PBOA

Founded in 2014, the Pharma & Biopharma Outsourcing Association (PBOA) is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to advancing the regulatory, legislative and general business interests of Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) and Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs). PBOA members provide the services that help the pharma and biopharma industry develop and manufacture drugs, biologics, vaccines, and other treatments safely and cost effectively.