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The knowledge-based articles provided in this section are a collection of view points from research professionals and experts concerning various aspects of Pharmaceutical industry such as Drug Research, Pharmaceutical Production and Manufacturing, Strategies, Clinical Trails and Information technology.

Top 6 Breakthrough Diabetes Treatments You May Have Missed

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Are you concerned you might be diagnosed with diabetes one day? You are not alone. Diabetes and prediabetes are two of the top pressing health issues in the nation. The number of Americans who are...

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Drug Errors

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Every month millions of Americans pick up their prescription at the pharmacy, only to discover that their pill looks different than the month before. Last month’s oval, white pills embossed with “3972V” are now...

What Is a Middle Ear Infection?

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Ear infections: if you’re a parent you know about this common condition that affects children, often at a very young age. The late night tears, the ear tugging, the repeated trips to the pediatrician,...

The Specialty Pharmacy: A One-to-One Personalized Approach

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Maybe you’ve noticed: medications are getting more complicated, more personalized, and more expensive. Look at some of the recent drugs approved for cancer, hepatitis C virus, or rheumatoid arthritis. These are three very different conditions,...

Clearing Up the Confusion: Drug Names and Their Salts

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You’ve given the pharmacist a prescription for your new diabetes medication called metformin hydrochloride, but when you receive your bottle and look it up on the internet, all you see is “metformin”, not “metformin...

Diabetes Symptoms & Complications

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Symptoms People with type 1 or type 2 diabetes may have a range of symptoms. These symptoms might include: Frequent urination (polyuria) -- often at night (nocturia) Excessive thirst (polydipsia) Extreme hunger (polyphagia) Dry skin ...

Diabetes Risk Factors & Prevention

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Risk Factors Risk factors are characteristics that can predispose you to developing a condition or disease. Just because you have one or more risk factors does not mean you will get diabetes. Risk factors for...

Childhood Obesity: Is a U.S. Epidemic Improving?

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Overweight or obese children in America According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obesity affects 17 percent of all children and adolescents in the United States, which equates to 12.5 million children...

Pill Splitting – A Safe Way to Save Healthcare Dollars?

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Why split tablets? Use of medications for chronic illnesses, such as hypertension, diabetes, or high cholesterol - all common U.S. conditions - can often run into the thousands of dollars per year. Rising healthcare costs...

Top 15 on the Health Insurance

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1. What is a Health Insurance Exchange? You have probably heard by now that there is a big transformation coming to U.S. health insurance. Through changes brought about by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care...