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The knowledge-based articles provided in this section are a collection of view points from research professionals and experts concerning various aspects of Pharmaceutical industry such as Drug Research, Pharmaceutical Production and Manufacturing, Strategies, Clinical Trails and Information technology.

Social media and the pharma industry

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Every other industry is getting on the social media bandwagon. But could social media actually prove beneficial to the world of pharma? Outside of the pharmaceutical industry, business is continually finding innovative ways to...

Pharma goes mobile: Making the most of the app opportunity

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As smartphones and tablets take over, pharma needs a strategic understanding of how mobile solutions improve customer outreach and drive competitive advantage. Andrew Tolve reports. Andrew TolveThe popularity of smartphones like...

Can personalised medicine save the pharma sector?

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Personalised medicine is making a comeback – but will it stick this time? It was supposed to be the great saviour of the pharma industry – personalised medicine, the salve that would heal the...

Utilising a CTMS to Create a Development Edge

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As clinical trials become more globalised and complex, there is an increased need for investigators in all regions of the world, as well as for treatment-naïve patients. The industry faces demanding regulatory needs, as...

Scientist gets his mind around Alzheimer’s

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It’s not known what causes the disease or how to cure it. And the stakes have never been higher. But one European neuroscientist is leading the charge to uncover new treatments for this neurodegenerative...

Rodent models meeting need for reduced drug attrition rates

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What are the strategies for reducing drug attrition rates in the clinic through the application of transgenic rodent models?‘Fail early, fail often’. It’s a paradigm that has long attached itself to the drug discovery...

Maximising Drug Discovery Research

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Interview with: Teodor Aastrup, Chief Executive Officer, Attana AB "Drug discovery scientists should focus on the biological relevance of their candidate molecules as soon as possible in their research, to ensure...

State of the industry and the future of the sales force

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eyeforpharma asked some of our key speakers for their insights on the “state of the industry and the future of the sales force”. Here’s what they had to say...How do you see the industry...

Bottlenecks in vaccine development: Eliminate from the beginning

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Promising vaccine candidates, rising global demand and preparations for the next pandemic influenza have brought vaccine’s role into focus in the past years and resulted in an impressive Pharma market share and revenue...

Bringing in the Green

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A Green mind-set can lead to a black bottom line. Becoming environmentally friendly can help boost brand image and ROI—and pharma can get there with a few easy steps.First, with about 90,000 sales representatives...