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The knowledge-based articles provided in this section are a collection of view points from research professionals and experts concerning various aspects of Pharmaceutical industry such as Drug Research, Pharmaceutical Production and Manufacturing, Strategies, Clinical Trails and Information technology.

Space-Saving Solutions

Multi Packaging Solutions (MPS) & Cirrus Print Issue July 2016 Packaging & Labelling
By Bob Houghton, Head of Marketing & Communications – Europe & Asia, at Multi Packaging Solutions. Over the past decade, the amount of information required to support many healthcare products has dramatically increased due to...

The Anti-Counterfeit Drug Issue; It’s Real

Online Topics Drug Research
Legislation is being put into place, but it is still essential that we all play a participative role in the continued fight to protect the patients that rely on our product. Introduction The issue of...

Fighting Cancer with targeted Drugs

Bosch Packaging Technology Online Topics Drug Research
“Diagnosis cancer” – this is a life-changing moment for many people. After cardiovascular diseases, cancer remains the next most common cause of death worldwide. In 2012, around 8.2 million people died as a result...

Head Lice: 8 Tips That Parents Are Itching To Know

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The head louse, also known as Pediculus humanus capitis, is a parasite that can be found in human hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Head lice bite into the scalp or skin and feed on blood....

Top 9 Ways to Prevent a Deadly Drug Interaction

Online Topics Packaging & Labelling
You should not be afraid to take your medications because of the possibility of drug interactions. Drug interactions can be intimidating for anyone who regularly takes prescription medications, but you can learn how to...

Top 9 Things You Must Know About Naproxen

Online Topics Production & Manufacturing
How often do you need pain relief? If you suffer from low back pain, an aching knee, strained muscles, arthritis, throbbing headaches, or any other myriad of painful conditions, you are not alone. According...

Tramadol – Top 8 Things You Need to Know

Online Topics Production & Manufacturing
Tramadol is a centrally-acting, oral narcotic-like analgesic and is approved for the treatment of moderate to moderately severe pain in adults. The extended-release form of tramadol is for around-the-clock treatment of pain and not...

What Is A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

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If you have ever experienced painful burning urination and the frequent need to go the bathroom, you have probably experienced a urinary tract infection (UTI). But you may be surprised to know that UTIs...

Top 6 Breakthrough Diabetes Treatments You May Have Missed

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Are you concerned you might be diagnosed with diabetes one day? You are not alone. Diabetes and prediabetes are two of the top pressing health issues in the nation. The number of Americans who are...

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Drug Errors

Online Topics Drug Research
Every month millions of Americans pick up their prescription at the pharmacy, only to discover that their pill looks different than the month before. Last month’s oval, white pills embossed with “3972V” are now...