Teva’s unique Talent Management program facilitates early detection of employees with high potential

Leadership Development

Our vision is to consistently develop individuals and improve overall performance to support Teva in attaining its strategy of business growth. Career development at Teva is therefore considered an essential element and perceived as a shared responsibility of managers, employees and the organization as a whole.

At Teva, we believe that you are at the helm of your career and should therefore take primary responsibility for managing it. You are encouraged to be ambitious and carefully plan your career development in order to:

Support your future development

  • Enhance your strengths and skill sets
  • Close existing gaps between performance expectations and actual performance
  • Achieve your current goals
  • Reinforce your engagement and commitment
  • Our managers create and maintain a climate that engages individuals and encourages training and development as a part of the ongoing performance management process. This unique work environment supports both your career aspirations and Teva’s business strategy.
  • Teva provides support systems, organizational tools and procedures and relevant infrastructure to encourage employees who want to develop, enhance their capabilities and grow within the organization.

Teva Leadership Development

  • Talent Management is about establishing and maintaining Teva’s competitive advantage through its people. It is a strategic imperative and is critical to our sustained performance and continued growth.
  • The main objective of the Talent Management strategy in to ensure the right employees are in the right positions both now and in the future. This involves the identification, development, motivation and retention of Teva’s key talents.

Talent Management includes three main stages:

Talent Review

A preliminary annual screening is conducted to identify employees with high potential to excel. Subsequently, Teva’s managers discuss reviews at the CEO Round Table, and generate Teva’s final Key Talent Pools.


  • Teva conducts a thorough analysis in order to identify critical positions in Teva that are considered essential to the viability of the business, in the short-term and/or the long-term, and that would significantly impact the overall success of the business if not filled in a timely manner. Critical positions can result from unique knowledge or scarce skills, long integration period, strategic priority, etc.
  • The Succession Plan matches Teva’s key talents with critical positions, ensuring fulfillment of present and future business goals.
  • The Advantages of the Talent Management program
  • The Talent Management Program holds considerable benefits for employees and for Teva as a whole.

Benefits for Key Talents

  • Challenging professional activities
  • Exposure to cross-organizational strategies and procedures

Rewards and recognition

Personal development and growth

Benefits for Teva

  • A robust talent pipeline that addresses current and future organizational demands
  • Advanced integration of promising key figures and critical positions
  • Enhancement of Teva global knowledge
  • Greater confidence of shareholders in Teva leadership capacity