McKesson Launches NEW Drug Spend Intelligence Tool

McKesson announced the launch of its new Drug Spend Intelligence™ tool. Designed by hospital pharmacists, Drug Spend Intelligence is an easy-to-use online tool that provides the information needed to identify purchase trends, evaluate the impact of price fluctuations, and implement and track clinical initiatives. McKesson’s Drug Spend Intelligence provides access to daily data with rich analytics and customizable reports to help identify potential areas for cost containment to lower drug spend and increase savings.

“The largest expenditure in a hospital pharmacy department is drug purchases. As a result, pharmacy leaders are constantly pressured to reduce their pharmacy’s drug spend and administrative time,” said Yen Nguyen, Pharm.D., director of clinical analytics, McKesson Pharmacy Optimization®. “Managing a hospital or health system’s drug spend requires a clear view into the purchasing history and spending trends, and the ability to turn that information into actionable results.

Drug Spend Intelligence provides access to daily data and robust analytics to help pharmacies gain insight into purchasing trends and variances and to lower drug spend, as well as free pharmacists’ time to focus on medication safety and patient care.”