The HygroPalm23 Cased Set Guarantees Efficient Measurement of Water Activity

The measurement of water activity plays a decisive part in the quality inspection of humidity-sensitive products. The free water in a product influences its microbiological, chemical and enzymatic stability, and has a significant influence on the shelf life of the product. Rotronic offers a cased set for all those who are interested in guaranteed precise measurement of water activity.

The case contains a HygroPalm23, which Rotronic has developed specifically as a portable solution for the measurement of water activity. The measuring unit has two exchangeable probe inputs, provides all psychrometric calculations, and can be connected to a PC via mini-USB interface.

The case includes all the accessories needed to allow users to calibrate their measuring unit quickly and easily by themselves. The contents comprise one HygroPalm23, one calibration device, one extension, one calibration solution and one climatic probe. The set is suitable for all areas of application in which water activity is measured, and is an ideal companion in the manufacture of cheese and meat and in the pharmaceutical industry, but also for spot checks in the production of animal feeds, paper, bakery goods and tobacco.

For more detailed information on the HygroPalm23 set and anything else about humidity and temperature measurement, contact Rotronic.