SolidWorks 3D with Rutek

In Rutek we work often from customer sketches and in many cases only from a description of the customer’s wishes. One of our major strengths lies in being able to translate these inputs into finished customer solutions. With the new 3D drawing program, we can quickly add customer changes and have simultaneously improved safety for the changes updated on all drawings.

Erik Henriksen as design responsible at Rutek said in the transaction: “With the purchase of the new 3D drawing program, we entered a big step up the ladder compared to our previous 2D application. We will offer our customers a better solution as SolidWorks program will help us to design new solutions faster and easier than before and with the possibility of an improved documentation.”

Rutek produces everything in stainless steel tanks, vessels and special constructions. An improvement of the design process and production drawings are expected to increase efficiency significantly, which now also becomes possible to display three-dimensional images of the finished product.

Want to know more about your options with Rutek, please feel free to contact Erik Henriksen and Martin Bak.