Epistem Announce Agency Agreement With Veritas Japan

Epistem plc, the UK biotechnology company, announced today that its Contract Research Services division has entered into an agreement with the Veritas Corporation to exclusively market and distribute Epistem’s scientific research services in Japan. Located in Manchester England, Epistem’s contract research division provides specialised preclinical and scientific research services to drug development and personal care companies in the areas of oncology, mucositis, inflammatory bowel disease, wound healing and skincare. Epistem have an established customer base in Western Europe and the U.S and the Veritas agreement will provide Epistem with a sales and marketing presence in Japan and the opportunity to extend its research services, and respond rapidly to market demand.

Epistem’s CEO Matthew Walls commented “We are delighted to be working with Veritas. They have a strong scientific sales team and established distribution network. The Japanese drug development market provides us with an important opportunity for growth and the agreement with Veritas will allow us to develop closer links with existing Japanese customers.”

Sinsaku Iida, Veritas CEO said ”It is our great pleasure to work with Epistem. Epistem’s Contract Research Division has a strong preclinical and scientific research service capability which will benefit Japanese pharmaceutical and personal care companies. Veritas’ sales network has the scientific experience necessary to introduce Epistem’s high quality services to potential Japanese customers and will make for more efficient marketing and easier access for Japanese customers to Epistem.“

For further information on the Company, please visit www.epistem.co.uk and www.epistem.jp or contact:
Dr. Danielle Hargreaves +44 (0)161 606 7258
Public Relations +44 (0) 7920 815603

About Epistem

Epistem is a biotechnology company commercialising its expertise in epithelial stem cells in the areas of oncology, gastrointestinal diseases and dermatological applications. Epistem develops innovative therapeutics and biomarkers and provides contract research services to drug development companies. The Group’s expertise is focused on the regulation of adult stem cells located in epithelial tissue, which includes the gastrointestinal tract, skin, hair follicles, breast and prostate. Epistem does not conduct research in the areas of embryonic stem cells or stem cell transplantation. The Company was originally formed in 2000 and this year celebrates its 10 year anniversary.