Nuvo Research announces launch of Pliaglis in Europe

Specialty pharmaceutical company Nuvo Research has announced the launch of Pliaglis (lidocaine and tetracaine) cream 7%/7% by Galderma in Europe.

Galderma has worldwide marketing rights for Nuvo’s Pliaglis, a topical local anesthetic cream indicated for the production of local dermal anaesthesia preceding dermatological procedures in adults.

Pliaglis leverages Nuvo’s phase-changing technology that allows the formation of a pliable peel on the skin on exposure to air.

Galderma Aesthetic and Corrective Center of Excellence managing director Didier Leclercq said, “Pliaglis really sets a new standard in topical anesthetics, and is a great complementary product in our already comprehensive Aesthetic portfolio in Europe. “

Nuvo pain group president Dr. Bradley Galer said, “Galderma has an excellent launch plan for the countries of Europe to introduce the benefits of Pliaglis to physicians who provide aesthetic services to their patients.”

The launch of the product in Canada and certain Central American, South American and Asian countries is anticipated in 2014 and 2015. Pliaglis was already introduced into Argentina and the US markets in 2011 and 2013 respectively.