USPTO issues notice of allowance for GW Pharmaceuticals Sativex formulation spray device

The USPTO has issued a notice of allowance for GW Pharmaceuticals’ patent application regarding Sativex formulation spray device.

The patent alleges a metered valve pump spray device comprising a liquid cannabis extract, in propylene glycol and ethanol, which is adapted to spray a dose towards a patient’s sublingual mucosa.

GW chief executive officer Justin Gover said the notice of allowance for the Sativex delivery device follows notice of allowance for method of sublingual delivery of the Sativex pharmaceutical formulation.

“Not only does GW have claims directed to the method of sublingual delivery of the Sativex formulation, but it also has claims directed to the device within which it is contained,” Gover added.

“In total, we now have seven different patent families containing one or more pending or issued patents relating to Sativex.” The issued patent is expected to expire in March 2021.