UK, India sign deal to support R&D, innovation projects

The Technology Strategy Board (TSB) in the UK and the Indian government’s Department of Science and Technology have signed ‘Programme of Co-operation’ deal to support joint, collaborative research and development (R&D) and innovation projects in key areas, including energy and healthcare.

Under the agreement, the TSB and the Indian Global Innovation and Technology Alliance (GITA), sponsored by the Indian government, support the UK and Indian businesses and academics over a three year period.

The TSB will contribute £5m to the project, which is the first international partnership by the UK public body outside Europe.

TSB chief executive Iain Gray said, “These programmes not only help build and strengthen links between countries but will help build the international partnerships between businesses so vital in today’s global economy.”

The Programme of Co-operation is expected to expand further over a period of time, for the mutual benefit of businesses from both countries.