Blake Insomnia Therapeutics Inc. Announces Submitting Clinical Trial Application for Phase II Clinical Testing

Clinical Trials

Blake Insomnia Therapeutics Inc. , a New York based pharmaceutical company devoted to improving quality of life for people with insomnia, is excited to announce it has submitted its clinical trial application for Phase II clinical testing to Health Canada.

The Phase II clinical trial will investigate the effect of ZLX-1 on insomnia, and is a critical milestone for this novel insomnia treatment on its way to final approval. The trial results are essential for validating the ZLX-1 concept and for designing the Phase IIb trial to follow.

“We are thrilled to finally see the the clinical trial taking off,” says Blake Insomnia Therapeutics president and CEO Birger Jan Olsen. “It is an important milestone for the company and also for me personally, as I’ve been looking forward to this moment for quite some time now.”

Blake Insomnia Therapeutics Inc.
Blake is a New York-based pharmaceutical company devoted to improving night-time and daytime quality of life for people with insomnia. The company’s patent-pending ZLX-1 compound has demonstrated efficacy without producing the side effects identified as the No. 1 problem with current sleep medication. The ZLX-1 compound is marketed under the brand name, Zleepax™. Please visit to learn more about the company, management and the ZLX-1 compound.

Birger Jan Olsen, CEO
Blake Insomnia Therapeutics Inc.
1(888) 612-2905
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