The Ever Growing Pharma Software Market in India

Globally, the acceptance of software in the pharma sector is much more as compared to India but many front line manufacturers have understood the need of being ahead with the time and hence have adopted software practices which are second to none. It is well to be noted that IoT software and services market globally is expected to be 2486 million USD by 2020 out of which 655 million USD would come alone from the APAC region. The robust IoT growth in this region can be attributed to a large number of upcoming pharma manufacturing setups, especially in India.

The very essence of inculcating software in the Pharmaceutical industry is to give thrust to the technological advancement which in a way can mold the day to day working and thus can reduce the burden on a few departments. Computers and industry-specific applications have for long been used in almost all the industries and Pharmaceuticals are no different. What this software most importantly does is to keep a check on the deadlines, increase productivity, reduce dependence and also ensure regulatory compliance. India is home to many quality pharma software companies that have time and again given a big relief in the existing cumbersome processes right from clinical trials to packaging to many more.