BD Biosciences Introduces CD4 Testing Product in collaboration with ReaMetrix That Does Not Require Refrigeration

BD Biosciences, a segment of BD announced the creation of new dried reagents developed through a collaboration with ReaMetrix, a private biotechnology company based in Bangalore, India.  The new reagents, expected to be available in 2011, are developed for the BD FACSCount™ Flow Cytometry System, which is recognized as the system of choice for CD4 monitoring in global HIV/AIDS treatment programs because of its simplicity, robust performance and reliability. Bill Rhodes, President, BD Biosciences said, A key strategic driver behind the BD Global Health initiative focuses on expanding access to diagnostic products customized for use in developing settings. The ReaMetrix dried reagent helps us achieve this strategic objective because it does not require refrigeration, an amenity often unavailable in the developing world.  We are proud of our collaboration with ReaMetrix, which has brought forth an innovative product that expands access to CD4 testing in many remote, resource-limited locations.

CD4 testing assesses a patient’s immune system and guides clinicians in the proper administration of anti-HIV therapies.  Many countries, however, lack the necessary infrastructure to ensure the timely and reliable testing of patients with HIV/AIDS.

Difficulties in transporting, storing and using temperature-sensitive products and blood samples pose additional barriers to adequate, appropriate and cost-effective treatment in resource-limited settings. The new dried-down process expands access to CD4 testing in developing countries by eliminating the need for reagent refrigeration during shipment and storage.

ReaMetrix Chief Executive Officer Bala S. Manian, Ph.D said, At ReaMetrix, we are excited that our strategic collaboration with BD will result in the introduction of a product that will bring the benefits of CD4 monitoring to a much broader population in developing nations. The new dried reagent expands the reach of the BD FACSCount System, already the preeminent CD4 testing system in resource-limited countries.  By working together with BD, we are making new progress in making global health affordable and accessible.

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