3M™ Nasal Metered Dose Inhaler -Effective Way To Deliver Inhaled Corticosteroids For Allergic Rhinitis And Other Nasal Treatments.

3M Drug Delivery Systems introduces the 3M™ Nasal Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI), a no-drip method of nasal drug delivery designed to drive patient preference. This new nasal inhaler has been shown through research to be patient preferred, with its no-drip MDI system designed to eliminate the immediate nasal run-off and post-nasal drip that is common with aqueous sprays, thus minimizing aftertaste.  This combination of features gives pharmaceutical partners a novel and effective way to deliver inhaled corticosteroids for allergic rhinitis and other nasal treatments. The current use of aqueous pump sprays for allergic rhinitis has significant drawbacks for patients, as sprays that run back down the nose and drip down the throat are unpleasant both in sensation and taste, as well as unhygienic. These systems also have a short shelf life once opened. The 3M Nasal MDI overcomes these limitations, however, with an evaporating spray technology which is more appealing to patients. This delivery method can also increase a drug’s shelf life, and gives patients confidence the drug has been effectively delivered. The device’s twist-and-lock cover cannot be misplaced, and its contemporary, non-breakable design makes it intuitive to use and improves hygiene.

For pharmaceutical companies, the device can help deliver a valuable competitive advantage versus aqueous pump sprays. The system does not require an aseptic manufacturing environment, and is compatible with existing valves and the 3M Integrated Dose by Dose Counter, contributing to its cost-effectiveness. It also utilizes technology that is familiar to regulators, developed utilizing 3M’s more than 50 years in the MDI category. The 3M Nasal MDI offers pharmaceutical partners important life cycle management options for molecules coming off patent, as well as new molecules targeting nasal allergies.

In research, patients preferred the 3M Nasal MDI’s no-drip system and sleek design to aqueous pump sprays and other nasal MDI designs giving pharmaceutical companies an innovative way to differentiate their offerings. 3M is ready to perform initial feasibility studies combining partners’ treatments with this new device.

For more information, visit www.3M.com/dds.

About 3M Drug Delivery Systems

3M Drug Delivery Systems partners with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to develop pharmaceuticals using 3M’s inhalation or transdermal drug delivery technology. 3M offers a full range of feasibility, development and manufacturing capabilities combined with regulatory guidance to help bring products to market.  In-house resources, including toxicology, regulatory expertise, quality assurance, operations, and marketed product support, are available for each step of the development and commercialization process. This depth of resources is one reason why more than 50 percent of all metered-dose inhalers worldwide and 80 percent of all transdermal systems in the United States utilize 3M drug delivery technology.  For more information, please visit www.3M.com/dds or call 1-800-643-8086.