The Mobile Health/Central Lab Interface, an opportunity for DCT efficiency

As the conversation around hybrid and decentralised clinical trials (DCT) moves from why to how, sponsors are increasingly seeking the best ways to embed the new model into their routine workflows.

As part of the Decentralized Trials and Research Alliance’s (DTRA) TGIF-DCT podcast series, global MedTech and patient servicing provider mdgroup will join forces with global clinical trial laboratory Q2 Solutions to explain how tearing down barriers between the various vendors and service providers involved in such studies is a simple yet effective starting point. Hosted by DTRA founder Craig Lipset, mdgroup’s Director of Decentralised Clinical Solutions, Tom Brazier, will present with Q2 Solutions’ Decentralised Trial Solutions Director, John Corcoran, and Manager, Stephanie Larimer.

“From sponsors to CROs and vendors, we all need to think about how to streamline the logistics of DCTs, which tend to be conducted using a patchwork of different service providers and vendors – including mobile health providers, who collect the clinical samples, and central laboratories, who analyse them,” Tom Brazier explains.

“Despite each of these service providers being dependent on the other to do their job, there is often no direct line of contact between the two. Instead, the shared client becomes the key liaison for both, impairing effective communication, draining clinical trial efficiency, and placing additional burden on the sponsor.”

The group will consider how the absence of communication between central laboratories and mobile health providers can contribute to inefficiencies, lead to duplicated efforts, and put data quality at risk. By opening lines of communication between these two parties, the discussion will illustrate how critical areas such as study set up and sample kit logistics can be streamlined, while protecting data quality.

This event will take place on 9 December, 12-1pm, EST. This podcast discussion forms part of a series of Clubhouse events, organised by the DTRA, of which mdgroup is a founding member, aimed at providing all stakeholders with an informal space to share DCT experiences and best practice.

TGIF-DCT meets every Friday 12-1pm EST for an informal space to share experiences in #decentralizedtrials on Clubhouse.