Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions offers next generation answer for challenging biotech drugs

Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions (TPS), a division of Terumo Corporation and a leading manufacturer of primary container, injection and infusion therapy devices, has launched a ready-to-fill polymer syringe for challenging biotech drugs with larger volume.

The PlajexTM 2.25 mL with Tapered Needle* is specifically designed to meet the needs of the Biotech market, making it suitable for complex drug applications, such as high viscosity biotech medications.

*Tapered Needle: A conically shaped needle enabled by Terumo’s proprietary needle cannula manufacturing technology to improve injectability while keeping a small needle size at the point of patient contact.

The syringe enables pharmaceutical customers to offer a safe, easy-to-use, and effective treatment option that maximises patient convenience.

Yuki Takeuchi, Global Product Manager for PLAJEXTM platform, said that the syringes are designed to address the unmet needs of biotech companies that are dealing with challenging and highly viscous biologic drugs, such as highly concentrated monoclonal antibodies.

He said: “With the rise of biologic formulations and the increasing trend in self-administration, a drug delivery device needs to be easy-to-use, be able to deliver drugs safely, comfortably with suitable force. Our latest offering with Tapered Needle technology addresses the challenge of delivering highly viscous drugs without compromising patient comfort.”

“Some biologic drugs are less stable in a liquid formulation, therefore the PLAJEXTM syringe is designed as silicone oil-free which contributes to keeping sensitive drugs stable.”

As the latest addition to the PLAJEXTM range, these primary container solutions come sterilized, and ready for filling, offering silicone oil-free, tungsten-free and glue-free containers made with precise polymer molding technology to provide tight dimensional tolerances.

Terumo’s proprietary i-coatingTM stopper technology eliminates the need of silicone oil in the syringe system while providing consistent and predictable break-loose and glide forces.

The PLAJEXTM 2.25 mL with Tapered Needle is compatible with some of marketed injection devices, while additional compatibility studies are ongoing with leading device providers.

Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions will help customer’s smooth fill & finish integration either by offering Terumo’s in -house CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) capability, or supporting drug filling sites selected by customer.

Anil Busimi, VP Strategy & Marketing, added: “Terumo is in a unique position being able to offer an integrated solution of primary container and fill & finish capability. We continue to expand our portfolio with innovative injectable drug delivery solutions to meet pharma customers and patient’s needs.”