SEQENS Makes Multi-Million-Dollar Investment in U.S. R&D Laboratory

SEQENS, an integrated leader in the manufacturing of active ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates, announced a multi-million-dollar investment in its research and development laboratory located in Devens, Mass. The improvements will ensure that the new facility will operate at the highest standards of safety and quality, while also increasing SEQENS R&D capability and productivity in the US strengthening its global R&D network. Completion of the project is expected in October 2022.

The investment in Devens strengthens the company’s U.S. operations—which also includes a sales office and contract development and manufacturing operation in nearby Newburyport, Mass.—and signals SEQENS’ commitment to broadening its reach in the U.S. market. The investment comes just three months after SK Capital became a majority holder in SEQENS by merging it with its portfolio company Wavelength Pharmaceuticals to create one of the largest, most diversified contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) in the world.

New investors in SEQENS, alongside SK Capital, include Bpifrance and Nov Santé, with existing shareholders Mérieux Equity Partners, Ardian, and Eximium.

“With the support of our shareholders and with the combination of Wavelength’s technologies, products, and recognized know-how, we will accelerate the projects launched in recent months and further strengthen our positions to support our customers worldwide in the development of their projects,” said Pierre Luzeau, President of SEQENS.

The addition of Wavelength broadens SEQENS’ global reach by providing production facilities in Israel and India and sales offices in Europe and the U.S. It also broadens SEQENS’ API portfolio and its cytotoxic, steroidal, and high-potency products, along with Wavelength’s expertise in complex pharmaceutical synthesis are complementary to SEQENS core competencies. In total, the expanded portfolio now includes 200 active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), 500 pharmaceutical intermediates, as well as key specialty ingredients and chemicals.

In addition to the re-development of its Devens lab, SEQENS is investing significantly across the enterprise to support customers’ growth in both its commercial and development products and technology platforms, including custom polymers, lipids, flow chemistry, high potency APIs, and biocatalysts. The company is also committed to the highest levels of environmental, social and governance standards, with 15 EcoVadis platinum and gold sites among its global integrated network, which comprises 24 manufacturing sites, 10 R&D centers, and 3,200 employees located on 3 continents.


SEQENS is a worldwide leader in the development and production of active ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates, and specialty ingredients. It operates 24 manufacturing sites, and 10 R&D centers with 3,200 employees located on 3 continents. As an integrated manufacturer and supplier across the value chain, SEQENS offers a broad portfolio of active ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates, and specialty ingredients and chemicals, develops and industrializes the most demanding molecules, and is continuously innovating to develop and implement the best available technologies.