JSR Life Sciences Amsphere A3 Leveraged in FDA-Approved Antibody Therapy

JSR Life Sciences, LLC’s lead product, Amsphere A3 has been incorporated for the first time into the commercial manufacturing of an FDA-approved treatment.

Amsphere A3 is a next-gen Protein-A chromatography resin that enables advanced protein separation in downstream processing of therapeutic antibodies. Since its launch in January 2016, the product has seen rapid adoption as an alternative option for downstream purification in biologics processing.

“The support provided by our global applications teams really helped make this happen,” said Hideaki Nomura, general manager of JSR Life Sciences’ Bioprocess Division. “Despite international supply chain disruptions affecting most global companies, we are in a position not only to maintain our commitments, but to expand our bioprocess purification materials to support more biologics companies in their pursuit of promising treatments for patients.”

The company is currently expanding to facilitate increased manufacturing of biologics. Along with its first commercial launch, Amsphere A3 is currently being used in more than 95 clinical programs worldwide.