Scitara announces collaboration with PerkinElmer Informatics to create new model of the modern lab

Market leading innovator in laboratory digital transformation, Scitara, has announced a collaboration with scientific analytical technology leader, PerkinElmer. The move will support the integration of the PerkinElmer® Signals Research Suite™ informatics platform, which provides seamless, end-to-end scientific data and workflow management, with laboratory instruments, applications and resources via the Scitara Scientific Integration Platform™ SIP™. The Scitara SIP provides a universal connectivity solution in a cloud native infrastructure that allows scientific laboratories using the PerkinElmer Signals™ platform to realize the full benefits of digital transformation. The combination of technologies facilitates a fully connected laboratory with standard data integrity, data mobility, system flexibility and user reconfigurability.

This new connectivity aligns with PerkinElmer’s strategy of using its informatics offerings to drive digital transformation in the lab. Around the world today, more than 2 million scientists across pharmaceutical, agrochemical, advanced materials and food labs are using PerkinElmer’s cloud-based informatics solutions to capture, store, and analyze research data, collaborate, and support data-driven R&D and clinical decisions.

Ajit Nagral, founder and CEO of Scitara, said: “Our collaboration with PerkinElmer will create a new model of the modern lab, in which self-enabled scientists have timely access to the cross-functional data needed to advance science. The agile integration framework facilitated by the Scitara SIP adapts to changing work demands, facilitating on-the-fly workflow reconfiguration, rapid instrumentation deployment and best-of-breed informatics systems.”

He added, “This comprehensive approach offers system flexibility as standard. It provides the ability to extract maximum value from legacy equipment, while dramatically lowering the barrier to introduce new, innovative technology into the connected lab. We drive data aggregation to any selected customer repository in an agile, compliant and future-proof solution. A breakthrough level of automation – from the simplest to the most complex tasks – is achieved while complying with the most stringent requirements of regulated markets.”

Kevin Willoe, VP and General Manager, Informatics at PerkinElmer, Inc., commented on the collaboration further, stating: “The synergy between our two offerings, expertise areas and how we can help our respective customers, is exciting. Our market-leading informatics solutions empower scientists and researchers to improve productivity by leveraging the true value of their data. Use of the Scitara Scientific Integration Platform with our informatics solutions provides customers the ability and flexibility to work in a truly integrated laboratory environment. This will help tie together instruments, software and systems and support our customers in curating data in a standardized platform. This is the power of the lab of the future in action.”

As the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries come under growing pressure to bring new drugs to market faster and more cost-effectively, they increasingly depend on new technology to support their goals. The ability to integrate the SIP infrastructure with the PerkinElmer Signals Research platform presents a new approach to data management that will enhance collaboration and drive lab automation. Integrated scientific data can also be used in tandem with AI and analytics tools, providing scientists with new insights to drive faster decision making and turn data into knowledge, helping accelerate products to market.

About Scitara

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