N3D Unveils the Next Generation of 3D Cell Culturing System

Only days after Rainbow BioSciences closed a deal to acquire an equity interest in Nano3D Biosciences, n3D announced the release of its groundbreaking new 24-well Bio-Assembler.

The new device is the latest iteration of n3D’s Bio-Assembler system, which promotes the development and growth of 3D cellular structures using magnetic levitation. Earlier Bio-Assembler models remain available in single-well and six-well platforms.

The 24-well system is a major milestone for the company, allowing much higher throughput productivity. With RBCC’s help, n3D plans to aggressively market the new device to large and busy laboratories around the world engaged in drug discovery, toxicology screenings, stem cell research and other research endeavors.

The Bio-Assembler’s revolutionary functionality allows it to produce accurate, 3D representations of in vivo tissues in roughly the same time needed to produce 2D cell cultures. It uses magnetic nanoparticles to levitate cells, allowing them to grow in three dimensions rather than flat on the bottom of a petri dish. The easy-to-use technology is compatible with any media, diagnostic technique or cell type.

N3D’s Bio-Assembler could be poised to forever alter the way cell culturing is conducted worldwide, with the potential to ultimately reduce the development timeline for new life-saving drug therapies. RBCC believes that its recent acquisition has the company well-positioned to participate in the potentially dramatic upside in store for n3D.

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