Kerry Logistics Network Teams Up with EC Healthcare To Provide a Full Suite of Integrated Medical Logistics Management Services

Kerry Logistics Network Limited has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with EC Healthcare, Hong Kong’s largest publicly listed non-hospital medical service provider, to provide a comprehensive suite of integrated medical logistics management services. The companies held an agreement signing ceremony in Hong Kong on 24 November 2023.

Under the strategic cooperation, KLN will set up a centralised warehouse to consolidate EC Healthcare’s inventory management and provide customised logistics solutions including IT system integration, point-to-point delivery and a wide variety of value-added services on a long-term basis to support EC Healthcare’s business growth. In addition, KLN will manage the global sourcing, including the procurement processes of pharmaceutical products and the supply of medical devices for EC Healthcare.

Samuel Lau, Managing Director – Integrated Logistics North Asia of Kerry Logistics Network, said, “We are delighted to begin our relationship with EC Healthcare and to meet EC Healthcare’s logistics and procurement needs as a centralised service provider and manager. Not only will this strategic cooperation streamline EC Healthcare’s supply chain and provide it with a value-added end-to-end logistics solution that optimises its efficiency and medicine distribution to patients, but it will also showcase KLN’s capabilities and expertise in pharmaceutical logistics.”

Leslie Lu, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of EC Healthcare, said, “As the leading non-hospital healthcare service provider in Hong Kong, we strive to provide accessible, affordable, and sustainable preventive and precision healthcare services to more people. Drawing upon KLN’s expertise in supply chain management, we will gradually centralise our procurement and inventory management processes across our service network. This initiative aims to ensure a high-quality customer experience, maintain safe and well-regulated operations, while simultaneously achieving cost savings and improving operational efficiency.”

A top provider of Integrated Logistics (IL) services, KLN’s IL operation serves industry-leading corporations from myriad verticals ranging from electronics, food and beverage, fashion and lifestyle to pharmaceutical and healthcare, as well as provides best-in-class cold chain solutions, professional warehousing and distribution, domestic road freight, and other services.