Hydropac offers solution to pharmaceutical packaging challenges with new PharmaPac range

Buckinghamshire-based Hydropac, a leading innovator in temperature-controlled packaging solutions, plans to give shippers of pharmaceutical products greater peace of mind at each stage of the logistical cold chain with a product range designed exclusively for the industry.

With its PharmaPac range of products, Hydropac will address the unique transportation issues the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors face, including “last mile” delivery challenges and increasing regulatory requirements.

Hydropac’s cutting-edge series of thermal packaging solutions has been developed to ensure temperature-sensitive medications and vaccines are delivered in optimal condition and the integrity of biological samples and laboratory products remain intact, no matter where in the world their end destination lies.

The range includes:

  • PharmaPac Genesis – Hydropac’s first ‘pre-qualified system’ (PQS/Validated), comprises a polystyrene box, ice packs, a universal payload tray, and a groundbreaking thermal filter pack. This packaging solution safeguards refrigerated payloads (2 – 8°C) for a minimum of two days during transit.
  • PharmaPac polystyrene cool boxes – A product tailored to provide reliable shipping solutions for delicate items, including medications and vaccines, whilst offering effective passive cooling strategies.
  • PharmaPac 750g Ice Packs – These ice packs are made using purified and UV-treated water, combined with an advanced gel formula. Encased in resilient high-grade film, attributes include recyclability and puncture resistance. 

Stephen Fieldhouse, General Manager at Hydropac, said, “The need for reliable and efficient temperature-controlled packaging has become more important than ever, especially within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The reality is, that a temperature deviation of just a degree or two whilst in transit across the globe, can have a serious impact on the quality, shelf life or even usability of vital medications and lab samples.”

“Our PharmaPac range aims to address these challenges by providing state-of-the-art solutions that ensure the integrity and stability of pharmaceutical products during every stage of transportation.”

Stephen added, “With PharmaPac, we aim to provide a strategic asset in preserving the safe and efficient distribution of critical life-saving pharmaceutical products around the world.”

Hydropac has been designing and manufacturing effective temperature-controlled shipping solutions for over 20 years. In 2020, it produced a market-leading 30 million ice packs.