Custom Sensors & Technology

Custom Sensors & Technology has recently developed a revolutionary service-based approach to reduce customer risk associated with purchasing process monitoring equipment. The service-based approach places increased risk on the equipment supplier, from insuring the proper selection of instrumentation to maintenance and performance of the products.

With the commencement of a service-based approach to supplying process monitoring equipment Custom Sensors & Technology has reduced customer risk by placing the responsibilities previously held by customers upon themselves. The service-based approach is an à la carte list of optional services that can be pieced together to provide the services and support each individual customer requires. This approach may be applied to leased equipment as well as purchased equipment.

Current options include the following items:

  1. Initial proof-of-concept report, generated for the customer based on actual sample or theoretical calculations defining the viability of the proposed equipment to function as expected
  2. Application engineering report, which includes sample analysis and projection on application feasibility, suggestions on equipment to be used as well as suggestions on equipment integration
  3. Equipment integration into existing process site, all hardware needed to adapt CST equipment to be provided to insure seamless integration
  4. Installation of the equipment at customer site, with full start-up assistance available
  5. On-site or factory training for customer staff by CST technician

Other options included are factory acceptance testing, documented material testing and IOQ support. For the duration of the lease terms CST provides product maintenance and performance monitoring to be fully included in the price of the lease.

Custom Sensors is currently implementing the service-based approach to market their LIF sensor and PhotoX line, as well as their various hardware and process sample systems. With the application and installation fully guaranteed leasing or purchasing through the innovative service-based approach greatly reduces customer risk when purchasing process monitoring equipment.