Rutek Gains New Stainless-Steel Welding Certification

As part of its ongoing commitment to the pharmaceutical industry Rutek has been working towards a new certification, and is pleased to announce that it is now certified to weld PED-approved pressure tanks / containers in the stainless-steel material SAF2507 (EN 1.4410). The material is also known as super duplex, with certification covering all the duplex steels such as SAF2205 (EN 1.4462).

Owner Martin Bak said: “The certification is part of a long-term strategy on a large scale to meet our customers’ requirements for solutions in the more exotic materials such as duplex steel and titanium. Welding and handling of these steels have high requirements for the company and each employee on the project, since factors such as cleanliness, preparation and diligence in work is crucial for the end result.”

Rutek produces everything in stainless steel, including tanks, pressure tanks, containers and special constructions. To find out more about how Rutek can cater to your requirements, please feel free to contact us.