CARLINA Technologies signs a partnership agreement with GenBiotech to develop a sustained-release protein formulation for cartilage repair

CARLINA Technologies, a biotechnology company specialized in the development of nanomedicines, today announces the signing of a collaborative agreement with GenBiotech for the development of a prolonged-release pharmaceutical form of a protein. The resultant protein will be used in bone and cartilage repair.  Financial details were not disclosed.

The development of the product will utilize the patented technology platform PEPTIDOTs(TM) owned by CARLINA Technologies. PEPTIDOTS is a unique process allowing the encapsulation of therapeutic peptides and proteins without altering their structure, therefore maintaining their full biological activity.

CARLINA Technologies develops nanomedicines using proprietary controlled-delivery technologies applied to off-patent drugs. It has currently three product candidates under development, PEPTIDOTS–insulin and PEPTIDOTS-somatotropin, for improved treatments of diabetes and growth hormone deficiencies, and SOLUDOT-PTX, a tumor-targeted anticancer nanomedicine to treat companion animals with cancer. CARLINA also provides R&D services in formulation development with out-licensing opportunities to improve the efficacy and safety of proprietary drugs from the pharma & veterinary industries.

This agreement provides an option for GenBiotech to acquire exclusive worldwide rights on CARLINA Technologies’ platform PEPTIDOTS to develop, sub-license, or commercialize this product specifically for cartilage repair for animal health. The result of the collaboration for CARLINA Technologies will also serve as a proof-of-concept supporting the use of the PEPTIDOTS platform with a number of other therapeutic proteins, including antibodies, growth factors and interleukins. CARLINA Technologies will aim to collaborate with other pharmaceutical companies involved in protein-based therapeutics that could benefit from its technology platforms.

“Nanomedicines and their development programs are becoming critical to the pharmaceutical industry. CARLINA Technologies has been working with GenBiotech for a number of years and we are delighted that our collaboration will be expanded with a partnership agreement,” said Olivier Meyer, President & CEO of CARLINA Technologies. “This collaboration will contribute to the development of an important protein in the much needed bone cartilage repair area. It is also an additional demonstration of the potential of PEPTIDOTS, CARLINA’s technology platform.” 

About CARLINA Technologies

CARLINA Technologies is a nanomedicine development company using its innovative patented encapsulation platforms. The company’s proprietary controlled-delivery technologies are applicable to a wide range of medicines including small molecules, proteins and peptides, and nucleic acid-based therapeutics. CARLINA Technologies develops nanomedicines for both human and animal health with focuses on improved treatments of diabetes and cancer. CARLINA Technologies also provides its technology platforms to the pharmaceutical and veterinary industries to improve the efficacy of their proprietary molecules.

About GenBiotech

The creation of GenBiotech, a spinoff of the Laboratoires Genévrier results of 15 years of strategic involvement in biotechnological research with one goal: to improve the quality of life of patients in the field of rheumatology, dermatology and gynecology worldwide. GenBiotech aims to bring together people and resources required for i) Research and  Development and ii) Marketing innovative biotechnological therapies adapted to patients’ needs.