BioAscent introduces the Compound Connect interface to connect drug discovery customers with their compounds

BioAscent, the leading provider of integrated drug discovery services, has introduced a new web-based interface for customers using its compound management services. The Compound Connect interface provides BioAscent customers with a secure online inventory, ordering and tracking system for compound libraries managed by BioAscent at its state-of-the-art facility in Newhouse, UK.

BioAscent manages over 2 million compounds in both liquid and solid formats, for over 70 customers ranging from big pharma to virtual biotechs and charity and academic consortia mainly in North America and Europe. Compound Connect both streamlines the ordering and tracking process – by eliminating possible miscommunications and delays due to different time zones – and uniquely enables customers to order solutions and assay-ready plates directly from their inventories.

The Compound Connect interface is a fully auditable order fulfilment system that is compatible with existing customer informatics systems. By providing a robust, online tracking system, it is particularly attractive to small and medium-sized biotechs, which do not have the advanced compound management resources of big pharma and often need to ship compounds between a network of CROs and other partners.

“Compound Connect has enabled us to significantly improve our assay by providing high quality customized assay plates in a timely bound manner”, said Dr Maria Cristina Munteanu, Senior Scientist at Sonata Therapeutics. “Compound ordering online is easy and flexible, allowing us to ‘cherry-pick’ selections from the existing compound library. Their response to our enquiries was always on time and the service provided was highly professional. We look forward to continuing to work with Compound Connect in the future.”

Compound Connect allows customers to upload details of compounds to be added to their inventory in advance of shipping them to BioAscent, so that their full inventory is immediately visible to an individual batch level once compounds are delivered. They can then make orders in the required compound format by specifying compounds to be processed for weighing as solids, for dissolution in 100% DMSO, or to be plated – for example as single concentration plates of multiple compounds for screening, or as dose response plates. Associated labware can be selected during ordering. At the end of the process, customers can easily manage despatches to CROs and partners across the globe, receiving a record of all shipments.