Teckro launches new software to streamline clinical trials

The company uses machine-learning technology to transform clinical trial protocols from static documents into actionable data for research staff, monitors and sponsors.

Users on the platform receive up-to-date study information and with the new software additions, can now provide feedback to improve performance.

The two new software additions are:

Teckro Engage gives study administrators a consistent way to communicate important changes, new document versions, or helpful tips to limit protocol deviation. Open rates show message effectiveness.

Teckro Survey – a web-based tool for study teams to quickly design and send short surveys, making it practical to gather feedback from research staff to manage risk and improve study design.

Teckro hopes that its new software additions can accelerate the speed and precision by which clinical research stakeholders can locate and distribute the right information found in current, approved documents, as well as monitor engagement and trial conduct.

Teckro CEO Gary Hughes said: “Teckro brings simplicity to the complexity of clinical trials. The high adoption and extremely positive user feedback are unheard of for typical software companies. We are adding to the value of Teckro with the new products, which we designed to be intuitive and easy to use.”

Teckro holds a vast amount of data across clinical studies around the world. The company hopes that this volume of data can help transform what is typically a painstakingly slow clinical research process into one that is more effective.

Dana Anderson, CCRC at North Georgia Clinical Research has been responsible for coordinating clinical trials for 18 years. She is using Teckro for a current global clinical trial and said it is making it easier to do her job as a site coordinator.

“A research project involves so many stakeholders and so much paperwork. Most of the time it’s very difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for,” Anderson said. “Once I downloaded Teckro to my phone, I realised this is going to make my job much easier. It’s very easy to navigate and find what information you need to retrieve from the protocol or the study design. Teckro gives us the resources that we need to make sure our data is clean and accurate. And it’s nice that Teckro always will have the current amendment on there, so you know that you’re following the correct protocol.”