Stem Cell Robots For Cell Therapy To Be Trialled By MHRA, UK

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA) UK stem cell bank is trailing a new and innovative robot that would grow stem cells.

The MHRA’s UK Stem Cell Bank is examining a stem cell propagation robot over a period of 12 months to see if the cells produced by the completely automated intelligent processing system meet the standard required for them to use when it comes to manufacturing potentially lifesaving treatments.

Steve Barclay, the UK’s Health and Social Care Secretary, said that the UK happens to be only the second country where this technology has been tested. MHRA’s Chief Scientific Officer, Marc Bailey, said that cell-based therapeutics have the potential to treat and also cure the majority of diseases, although their availability is limited since they are extremely difficult to manufacture.

That said, Bailey suggested that the new Intelligent Cell Processing System, which is currently being tested at the MHRA, can go on to make the manufacturing process much easier and hence transform the availability of complex treatments.

Barclay added that by replacing cells which have got damaged or lost, this stem cell robot can go on to transform the lives of tens of thousands of people who are suffering from devastating diseases. The trial for this technology happens to be a part of a UK-based global research program that commenced in 2021.