Inogen enhances commercial capabilities through partnership with Ashfield

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Inogen, Inc., a medical technology company offering innovative respiratory products for use in the homecare setting, today announced a breakthrough agreement to enhance its go-to-market capabilities through a strategic partnership with Ashfield, part of UDG Healthcare.

The partnership will support Inogen’s growth strategy by expanding its sales team and driving the performance of its commercial clinician organization through access to Ashfield Engage and Ashfield Health’s best-in-class capabilities that are anchored in proprietary insights and data.

Inogen will benefit from Ashfield’s holistic commercial offerings, analytics tools, sales operations support, and personalized concierge services. Ashfield representatives (25) will join Inogen’s existing sales force and team up with Inogen’s existing (47) Referral Development Managers to enhance its capabilities and drive growth.

In addition to the robust commercial framework provided by Ashfield Engage, GRAVITYai, a global healthcare intelligence data platform developed by Ashfield Health, will also be included in the Inogen program. GRAVITYai, incorporates artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, data modeling, and human consultancy to unlock effective and efficient omnichannel experiences. The powerful platform identifies ideal customers and audiences, predicts their behaviors, and measures their interactions with confidence.

“Forming this relationship marks an important milestone in our strategic plan of improving market penetration for portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) with one of the most critical constituents, the clinicians,” said Nabil Shabshab, Chief Executive Officer and President.

“By enhancing our coverage of select clinicians and increasing our collaboration with healthcare prescribers overall, we will raise awareness of the importance of the POC’s role in oxygen therapy and of Inogen’s leading offerings. We believe this will further enhance our ability to better serve oxygen therapy patients right at the start of their diagnosis and ongoing to maximize the impact we can deliver.”

Ashfield will support Inogen in its mission to improve freedom and independence for respiratory therapy patients through innovative products and services.

George Parr, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer commented: “Collaborating with Ashfield expands the impact we can have on patients by building on our direct-to-consumer capabilities, and is in line with our commitment to invest in our commercial operations and enhance our go-to-market strategies within the clinician channel. Through the efforts across both direct-to-consumer and clinician channels, we are confident of our ability to favorably drive POC penetration and improve results.”

Speaking about the partnership, Mike Stout, President, Commercial Services at Ashfield Engage added: “Collaboration is in our DNA at Ashfield, which is why we can provide a turnkey commercial solution by combining the depth and breadth of expertise at both Ashfield Engage and Ashfield Health.

“We are proud to be an Inogen partner and look forward to activating an integrated program that will drive meaningful impact for Inogen and its patients.”

About Ashfield

Ashfield, part of UDG Healthcare, is an integrated healthcare services partner, offering a breadth of services across strategic consulting, benchmarking, commercialization, customer engagement, events, marketing and communications.

Ashfield comprises of three clearly defined, integrated business units: Ashfield Advisory, Ashfield Engage and Ashfield Health. Together, the Ashfield team uses imagination, strategy and action to redefine and deepen client partnerships, reimagine health and improve lives.

Ashfield has carefully curated its business through the acquisition of 24 companies and is committed to offering streamlined services to best meet its clients’ needs. With a presence in 50 countries, over 7,000 employees strive to provide best-in-class service for more than 300 clients, including the top 30 global pharmaceutical companies.

About Inogen

We are a medical technology company offering innovative respiratory products for use in the homecare setting. We primarily develop, manufacture and market innovative portable oxygen concentrators used to deliver supplemental long-term oxygen therapy to patients suffering from chronic respiratory conditions.


GRAVITYai incorporates artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, data modeling, and human consultancy to unlock powerful and efficient omnichannel experiences. Clients are already seeing the benefit of how the powerful platform can identify ideal customers and audiences, predict their behaviors, and measure their interactions with confidence. For more information about GRAVITYai and how the platform can unlock real audience understanding and create innovative solutions in healthcare communications.