Clariness sets a new industry standard of >90% patient reachability with the launch of ClinLife Connect

Clariness announces that it has achieved a consistent patient reachability of over 90%, globally, since the deployment of AI-powered, ClinLife® Connect.

The newfound patient reachability is the result of integrating a new patient contact module into ClinLife®, which was developed using Silicon Valley founded state-of-the-art tech, and leverages AI to analyze multiple datasets, including:

  • Patient contact timing, channel, and availability preferences
  • Smart screener data, including key I/E criteria results
  • Online behavioral and feature usage data
  • Site nominated availability and information

ClinLife® Connect analyzes the above data and provides optimum timings for patient contact, re-contact, follow-up, scheduling, and more. Clariness’ in-house Enrollment Success Team are able to access this by condition, patient profile, and geography, allowing them to maximize patient reachability across any indication and location.

“This new tech module is allowing us to reach 30% more patients than industry average, and coupled with features such as patient contact scheduling, virtual waiting rooms, and site visit scheduling, we’re helping to randomize more patients than ever before.” said Jakob Schmidt, Head of Patient Service and Success at Clariness.

This not only allows Clariness to reach more qualified patients, it also optimizes the re-contacting of unqualified patients placed into ClinLife®’s virtual waiting rooms, using regression analysis to identify optimal timing to recontact patients. A recent example of this was a study’s inclusion criteria requiring a Body Surface Area (BSA) of 10%, ClinLife Connect® drove the timing of reaching out to patients with a BSA of 8%, sooner than those with 3%, with the outreach timings determined by the analysis of previous performance data with similar patient profiles in more than 25 countries. As a result, more than 25% of additional patients could be included in the study.

Michael Stadler, CEO and Co-Founder of Clariness, said, “The results of ClinLife® Connect showcases how our patient and technology teams are revolutionizing patient recruitment through continuous digital innovation. We are setting new industry standards at every step of the patient recruitment process, and we’re not stopping at patient reachability.”