Alto Pharma to introduce DermSafe hand sanitizer

Alto Pharmaceuticals is set to introduce Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals’ DermSafe antimicrobial hand sanitizer in Canada on 1 September 2011.Under an agreement signed between both the companies, Skinvisible has given Canadian marketing rights of DermSafe to Alto. Alto expects to market the product under the name DermSafePC.DermSafe is made with 4% chlorhexidine gluconate and it does not contain delivers protection in a lotion formulation that defends the skin from outside irritants.Skinvisible president and CEO Terry Howlett said they believe that the introduction of DermSafePC will help generate a very positive response from end-users as well as potential licensees worldwide.

“The manufacturing of DermSafe in Canada is critical to Skinvisible as it will facilitate the quick introduction of the product in Europe and Singapore, where DermSafe is already approved for importation,” Howlett said.