Scancell updates on cancer vaccine Phase I clinical trial

The Cohort Review Committee has approved Scancell to further escalate cancer vaccine SCIB1 dose to 4mg from the current 2mg in the Phase I clinical trial and recruitment of the final group of patients as planned.

Scancell is developing SCIB1 for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases based on its ImmunoBody technology platform.The trial, which was started in June 2010, is intended to investigate the safety and tolerability of SCIB1 in patients with late stage melanoma and also to gather data on the effects of SCIB1 on tumor growth and cellular immune response.

Scancell Joint CEO Lindy Durrant said this data, combined with the recent recruitment of a fifth trial centre at Southampton demonstrates that they are continuing to make good progress in Phase 1 study.”We expect to commence the Phase 2 study in late 2011/early 2012 as planned,” Durrant said.