Xyntek forms strategic alliance with Antares Vision

Xyntek has entered into a strategic alliance with a provider of e-pedigree and serialization technology and solutions, Antares Vision.

Xyntek is involved in providing real-time automated IT systems and microprocessor based industrial automation solutions to the life sciences industries.

Xyntek president and CEO Mac Hashemian said the strategic partnership with Antares Vision provides the company with the core e-pedigree and serialization technology needed to provide its customers turn-key serialization and e-pedigree solutions.

” Antares Vision has applied its technology to the largest number of installed and operational serialization and aggregation production lines and packages with track and trace applied on a worldwide basis,” Hashemian added.

Antares Vision CEO Emidio Zorzella said the company’s partnership with Xyntek is a strategic and fundamental step to improve its competitiveness in relation to major international players.

“With our joint and mutually exclusive U.S. partnership, together we will become the world’s 1 provider of turn-key e-pedigree, track and trace, serialization, brand security and protection, anti-counterfeiting, and anti-drug diversion solutions,” Zorzella added.