PerkinElmer unveils ChemBioOffice Version 13.0

PerkinElmer has launched the latest version of ChemBioOffice Informatics Suite to accelerate the discovery process through increased productivity and data sharing.

Version 13.0 adds improvements to the ChemBioDraw and ChemBio3D modules while providing secure cloud storage for improved data sharing.

The ChemBioOffice suite helps chemists and biologists to track their work and provides individual scientists within an organization the tools they need to create publication-ready drawings of compounds, reactions, materials and their properties for use in electronic laboratory notebooks and databases as well as for querying chemical databases.

PerkinElmer Informatics general manager Michael Stapleton said, “We are very excited to provide chemists and biologists with the new ChemBioOffice Suite, a premium tool developed to help scientists turn data into actionable information and make decisions with greater confidence, thereby accelerating their discovery process.”

The improved biopolymer toolbar of the ChemBioDraw program allows fast modifications to larger therapeutic agents and molecular structures such as amino acids, peptides, RNA, DNA and nucleotides.

With the ChemBio3D program, synthetic chemists and biologists will be able to generate 3D models and assess the shape and properties of small molecules and biochemical compounds.

The ChemBio3D program, which provides access to other computational and molecular modeling programs, can evaluate data input and provide important information such as the degree of fit of compounds into a receptor.