Acurian enters into agreement with pharma firm to handle patient data

Acurian, a provider of clinical trial patient recruitment and retention solutions, has entered into an agreement with a pharma firm to handle patient recruitment and retention data.The agreement allows Acurian to use encryption and security standards to manage sensitive patient data handled within its Oracle- and cloud-based computing platforms known as Acurian Recruitment Manager and Acurian Retention Manager. The agreement is based primarily on Oracle’s Advanced Security Option (ASO) software to further ensure that data storage and transfer capabilities required in a global patient recruitment and retention platform are fully secure.The data stored aids them to submit the clinical trial patient information for regulatory submissions.

Acurian Operations senior vice president Roger Smith said they have invested tens of millions of dollars in infrastructure, personnel, procedures, and systems so that they can collect, store, and transmit data that sponsors and regulators classify as highly-sensitive.

“It’s clear that any supplier unable to meet these expectations will be unable to do business in accordance with the policies and procedures of large pharma especially, but with any company that expects to adhere to Good Clinical Practices,” Smith said.