Mymetics regains intra-nasal influenza vaccine from Solvay

Mymetics, a developer of next-generation preventative vaccines, has regained its intra-nasal influenza vaccine from Solvay.Mymetics has provided license of its intra-nasal flu vaccine, under which Solvay has developed the vaccine until 2008 and also completed phase I trial. The results demonstrated that the Intranasal vaccination was found to be safe and well tolerated and resulted in antibodies in the blood .Mymetics CFO Ronald Kempers said they are delighted to have this vaccine back in their vaccine portfolio which can provide Mymetics new opportunities to develop strategic partnerships with established and emerging vaccine producers.

Mymetics CEO Jacques-Francois Martin said they believe that the good immune response developed by this inactivated non adjuvanted nasal vaccine and its ease of use will allow them to improve the immunization of children and the elderly.