Cellectis introduces human iPS derived hepatocyte product

Cellectis stem cells, a business unit of Cellectis Group, has introduced hiPS-HEP, a human iPS derived hepatocyte product.

The hiPS-HEP, with homogeneity, a long life span of stable CYP activity and reproducibility, provides a range of in vitro applications such as drug discovery, toxicity testing and vaccine development.

Cellectis stem cells CSO Johan Hyllner said due to their high relevance in various industrial applications it makes the hiPS-HEP a promising system for research and development.

“The pharmaceutical industry has a great need for better and more clinically relevant models early in the drug development process to predict hepatotoxicity, find new drug targets and develop new vaccines,” Hyllner added. Under quality controlled and ethically approved procedures, the human hepatocyte-like cells are derived from human induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) cells.