Cellectricon introduces Cellaxess discovery platform

Cellectricon has launched a new Cellaxess elektra discovery platform for automated electric field manipulation of adherent cells.

Developed in collaboration with pharma and biotechnology companies, the Cellaxess platform enables scalable field stimulation, compound delivery and transfection for genomic screening of primary cells, neurones and stem cells.

Applied to a range of cellular manipulations in cell biology research, the technology facilitates in-situ manipulation and monitoring of cell cultures directly in HCA compatible 96- and 384-well microplates at any cellular developmental stage with viability, while retaining cellular morphology.

The Cellaxess Elektra applications include stimulation and voltage control of cultures in small molecule screening, transfection of siRNA and cDNA to primary cell cultures in genomic screening applications, as well as delivery of small molecules and antibodies in identification and target validation.

Additionally, Cellaxess discovery platform can be equipped with an imaging-based microplate reader for recording of transient fluorescence and luminescence signals from living cells.