Circassia reports positive results from Phase II ragweed allergy therapy study


Circassia, a specialty biopharmaceutical company, has announced positive results from Phase II clinical trial of ragweed allergy therapy.


According to the study, patients with more severe symptoms achieved a greater improvement following treatment with the ToleroMune T-cell vaccine than those on placebo (p=0.05).

Therandomized, double-blind studywas designed to assess the T-cell vaccine’s efficacy and tolerability and to identify the optimal treatment regime. The results show that the T-cell vaccine’s optimal regimen substantially reduced patients’ symptoms, achieving a 97% greater reduction than placebo in subjects who had a moderate level of symptoms at baseline.

The treatment was safe and well tolerated in all groups, the company said. Circassia CEO Steve Harris said the results showed ToleroMune ragweed allergy vaccine can reduce patients’ symptoms after just a short course of treatment. “We have now achieved successful phase II results with four of our allergy T-cell vaccines,” Harris added.