Transforming healthcare: 4D Lifetec’s revolutionary approach to early cancer detection

In the rapidly advancing landscape of healthcare, 4D Lifetec emerges as a trailblazer, aiming to redefine the paradigm of early cancer detection. At the forefront of this innovative journey is the Lifetest™, a user-friendly and proprietary immunological liquid biopsy assay. All that is needed is a few drops of blood. This breakthrough technology, coupled with the cutting-edge capabilities of the proprietary 4D LifeAI, is poised to revolutionize medical diagnostics.

The Lifetest™: a beacon of hope in early cancer detection due to its immunological novelty

4D Lifetec’s revolutionary Lifetest™ underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to redefining the landscape of early cancer detection. The Lifetest™ is not just a diagnostic tool, but a comprehensive diagnostic platform designed to detect cancer at its earliest stages. With the proprietary immuno-oncology biomarker DDS, this user-friendly blood test provides individuals with peace of mind and enables the healthcare system to detect cancer as early as possible, dramatically reducing associated costs and expenses.

The biggest achievement in the now nine-year development of this solution is the fact that the 4D Lifetest™ is the first test ever to detect cell-based responses to the presence of a cancer tumor based on DNA fragmentation. This means that it is no longer necessary to search specifically for barely detectable gene sequences in the blood, but that the numerous blood cells available can be used directly. In contrast to conventional genetically based liquid biopsies, this also enables extremely high sensitivity to be detected at the earliest stages of cancer. This means that cancer can be detected even if the person concerned does not yet show any symptoms.

4D LifeAI: elevating diagnostics to unprecedented heights

The efficiency of the 4D Lifetest™ is partly made possible by 4D LifeAI, an artificial intelligence solution owned by the company. This innovative technology is precisely tailored to the 4D Lifetest™ and aims to make optimal use of the analytics of the images created during the processing.

Through continuous optimization by generating its own input data, 4D Lifetec will be able not only to differentiate between cancer patients and healthy individuals, but also to draw conclusions about the type and sub-type of cancer and the state of the cancer in the event of a positive result.

4D Lifetec Inc.: elevating scientific and commercial presence in the US

4D Lifetec has recognized the significance of the US healthcare market and has been represented since January 2023 by a subsidiary, 4D Lifetec Inc., located in Cambridge, Boston, MA. The establishment of 4D Lifetec Inc. is evidence of the company’s commitment to advancing medical diagnostics and improving outcomes for patients in the USA.

After the functionality of the test was demonstrated in multiple clinical trials involving several clinical centers in Switzerland, the transfer to the partner CLIA laboratory is now underway. Consequently, the company is prepared to focus fully and unrestrictedly on the regulatory trials in the USA.

4D Lifetec anticipates several months of preparatory work in the USA before the actual clinical testing can commence, with readiness for commercialization expected by 2025. The company has at its disposal not only the extensive and vast experience of its management and board of directors but can also rely on the support of an Advisory Board specifically created for the first application in the field of lung cancer verification.

Strong cooperation partners in the USA support the development of the organization

To strengthen its commitment in the US, 4D Lifetec Inc. is actively partnering with medical specialists, clinics and a strong local CLIA laboratory partner. These partnerships are important to support the company’s ongoing clinical trials, ensure robust data collection and facilitate the seamless integration of its technologies into the U.S. healthcare landscape.

In addition to the approval tests, 4D Lifetec decided 1.5 years ago to establish its first commercial center in the USA. The company is therefore facing a challenging phase of organizational development. The range of tasks that will be carried out locally in the USA in the future is immense.

However, given the experience and network in the healthcare sector, this should not be an impossible task for the management. The responsible functions are also aware that major cultural changes are imminent. The formerly manageable Swiss start-up has become more flexible and is opening up.

Visibility and next financial round Series B3

It was through this opening that 4D Lifetec became visible. In the past, the team deliberately focused on high-quality development and directed all efforts in this direction. Marketing activities have only been underway since 2023. Nevertheless, contacts with leading global companies have already been in place for several years, which are not only suitable as cooperation partners but also for more in-depth collaborations.

This will not detract from the planned US IPO in the near future; on the contrary, a cooperation or collaboration will strengthen the young company on its way to a bright future.

The Series B3 round was opened at the beginning of March. In addition to private investors, institutional investors are the main target group. This further financing will enable the company to commercialize the acquired AI both organizationally and in terms of approval and, building on this, to develop the 2nd generation of 4D life tests.

The development pipeline is filled until 2030, and there is nothing preventing 4D Lifetec from approaching this with the same focused determination as so far. Both, the management and the board of directors have more than proven this over the last 9 years.

Author: Dr. Giancarlo Rizzoli

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Giancarlo owns a PhD in natural sciences and a MBA with a thesis focus on Roadmap to IPO, boasts nearly 25 years of global management experience in globally leading healthcare companies. With leadership and board expertise spanning science to sales, he transitioned 2014 to a boutique family office in Switzerland. As an investor and initial co-CEO at 4D Lifetec AG, Giancarlo has contributed to its growth from the first day on. In January 2023, he assumed the CEO role, aiming to propel the company towards commercialization and an IPO in the US. He is actively leading 4D Lifetec from its locations in Cham, Solothurn (both in Switzerland) and Boston (US).

Company: 4D Lifetec

4D Lifetec is a pioneer in early cancer detection, with a mission to empower individuals through proactive well-being protection. Their immunological high throughput liquid biopsy assays can detect cancer at its earliest stages, allowing for timely intervention and treatment. This early detection significantly increases the chances of successful treatment and improved patient outcomes. For more information  

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