Why Tissue Paper Is The Smart Choice For A Sustainable World


ETS is committed to driving sustainable practices throughout the industry. It is also looking to increase sustainability across the supply chain– from water and energy through to transport and recovery. Tissue paper production ensures that every part of the raw material – trees – is put to good use. It uses mainly bark and twigs from the lumber industry which are made into pulp that is the basis of tissue paper.


Third-party certification is one of the best ways to ensure that suppliers meet recognised standards. It lends credibility to the sector and offers reassurance to both customers and consumers. Most tissue producers support the different international and national forest certification schemes and over 80%of the forests owned by paper and lumber companies in Europe are certified. Some tissue producers have chosen to carry labels on their products in order to show their high environmental credentials – such as the EU Ecolabel, the FSC and PEFC labels and regional labels including Nordic Swan and Blue Angel. The paper sector is also signatory to the Legal Logging Code of Conduct which condemns illegal logging. The EU timber regulation furthermore upholds industry standards and ensures that only products from legally sourced wood are sold within the EU. Some 11% of timber felled in the world is used to make paper,and 83% of Europe’s paper mills are certified by an environmental management system.

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