Six Trends in Pharma Marketing

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Embracing Digital Transformation in the Pharma and Healthcare Sectors A Marketer’s Guide

The New Reality:
Nearly everything healthcare and pharma marketers did in 2015 is obsolete. The skills and capabilities required for marketers to successfully connect with key audiences (both healthcare providers as well as consumers and patients) are completely new. Are you ready?

The Scoop:

Digital marketing evolves quickly.
That constant motion, coupled with radically changed regulatory requirements for healthcare providers and pharmaceutical sales teams, creates a very challenging environment for life sciences and pharma marketers to connect directly with physicians and patients.

Change doesn’t stop there. Consider also the new levels of collaboration between sales and marketing teams, the impact of Millennial preferences on consumer and social marketing techniques, and the opportunities of advanced technologies in wearables, artificial intelligence and business process management.

As nearly every aspect of the marketing ecosystem changes, marketers will increasingly value the time spent learning new skills, bench marking progress to other organizations and understanding case studies Join your industry peers and Econsultancy at ePharma 2017 to jump start next year’s success.

In preparation, take a look at the attached detailed findings of our “Embracing Digital Transformation in the Pharma and Healthcare Sectors” report. You’ll find lots of benchmarking data to help you plan your go-to market approach. You will also find a summary of five key trends in this ePharma overview summary, giving you a number of ideas to help you take an agile, customer-centric approach to marketing. 

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